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T-Mobile doesn't recognize my IMEI

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Long question:

I called T’s CS a couple of days ago because I’m experiencing a fault with my phone (the subject of another exciting post I'm sure). As usual they asked for my IMEI. I typed in the GSM short code and read off the numbers, but the CS representative couldn’t verify the IMEI. I’ve had my phone replaced a couple of times, and they have the previous IMEI numbers, but for some reason, the new number has not been registered. They (for obvious reasons) refused to update their IMEI records, but they also refused to do anything else, unless I somehow proved to them that I got my phone replaced by faxing a shipping note or something of that nature. I don’t have any documentation of the replacement. I offered to go into a shop and get the shop guys to call in the new IMEI, but that idea didn't float with them. Anybody any idea what I can do?

Short question:

T doesn't have a record of the IMEI of my current (replacement) handset. What do I do?

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Hi sina

Do T have a record of your last replacement handset? Or even a successive record of all your replacements? (Where do they think you got the handset - the bloke in the pub??)

Which IMEI do they have registered to you presently, what type of handset does it relate to and where is that handset now?

Just a few questions you might like to ask them the next time you call CS.

:) Good luck.

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