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hello everybody. long time no see. where have you been?

anyway, i have a problem. a few weeks ago i could recieve all of the photo messages i could want. now when i recieve a photo message, my phone tells me that i cant recieve it, with the following message "There is not enough free space for message downloading. Please free up some space and try again."

now the thing is, i have deleted loads of pictures, erased all my messages, and run the space maker utility which tells me that i have 3.13mb free, surely enough to recieve a 50kb message. Is there like a recycle bin or something?

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We've been having the same problem with the Tornado.


Some say you need 4MB free. I got it working again by doing a 'send & receive'

Heh. It's the storage FLASH memory that's the problem not the rest of the space on the phone.

I personally always leave at least 4.5 meg free and try to keep things like backgrounds and sounds out of the home folder and store them on a memory card.

Homescreens are the biggest culprits.

It's also surprising it you use file manager and clear out everything from the browser cach & cookies manually.


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I've found the biggest culprit to be downloads of media (video news etc) which is played in pvPlayer. So, I opened pvPlayer, clicked on each of the clips and selected "move to Storage Card" and Hey-Presto, loads-a-room :)

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