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Which one?

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My friend have 2 Qtek S00 and I can choose one.

I have both of them over the weekend and have to decide!

I have some doubtes and I need help!

Phone 1 have less scratches on the screen but when i compare those two

I can see some diffrences.

Phone 1: screen (with less schratches) is more like "yelowish" on white areas and phone 2

is more "whiteish" on white areas! It's like more warm colors in 1 and colder colors in 2.

Phone 1: when I tap with stylus it feels more soft (like it is "more" of something between screen and "plasitic" protective film on the top) than phone 2 where is rather har and it feels that ypu tapping on somethinh hard.

When I compare screens in off mode phone 1 looks more "dark" (more r"edish" and phone 2 more "grey".

Which phone I should keep?

And, is there any way to find out which battery is better?

PLZ, help me to choose!

Tnx in advance!


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C'mon guys!

I have to decide today!

Tell me guys which screen is better "soft" one or "hard one"


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