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Orange Livebox as a switch with telephone service only

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Just got my livebox today. What I would love to do with it is as follows.

In my attic I have a Netgear ADSL modem/router (which does not seem to like wireless talking to wired that are connected to it.

So I have an old 3com wireless router plugged into one of the netgear etheneet ports.

The netgear justs acts as the ADSL modem now and nothing else.

The 3 com does the wireless and wired routing.

My main computer is wired to the 3 com router.

My media server in the living room is wired to the 3 com router.

Laptops are wireless to the 3com router.

Everything is working fine and the Orange broadband connection is awesome.

I want to be able to use the phone sevice on the livebox, but cannot put it into the attic as the ADSL modem / router without some more wiring of telephone line back downstairs.

So.. What I want to do is to make the livebox sit down here at the main computer and act as the phone service, and have the ethernet come out of my livebox and up to the router upstairs, but at the same time have another network cable coming out of the livebox to my main computer so it has internet.

The livebox would be acting solely as a switch but with the phone server, or a router with the phone service.

Can this be done?

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