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Mini SD WiFi Cards

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I saw this article on mobile review which showed a mini SD card in the back of a C550, do my eyes decieve me or is wifi now possible?


Yay!, my first post!, yep, i've been looking at the new Mini SD WiFi cards and as Fegan says "do my eyes deceive me"?....hmmmm,what we need is a solid answer from someone who has an SPV C500 (five hundred) with a working Mini SD WiFi card!??....anyone?, surely someone has done this??..any info gratefully received :)

Perhaps i'll just throw £30 at one anyway. if it doesnt work, i'll eBay it!



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Yawn this is gettting really old.

There is deffinetly no support for a C500.

Firstly the only way you can get a wifi mini sd into a smartphone is if you butcher it first like this guy did.


But alas this isnt going to work!

No one ever tried it with a C550 to record online so we dont know if its compatible if you butcher your phone!

Plus the phone has to be SDIO compatible and the C500 definetly is not.

If you want to buy a mini sd wifi and butcher your C550 then you could put the topic to rest.


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