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Where to get the mda compact 3 in the UK for the least money

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I have done much googling and wandering around the town center to try to find somewhere to buy the mda compact 3 on t-mobile flext 30 with web n walk. I am self employed and so class as a business user. I tried in the t-mobile store in town, they were out of stock. I tried telesales but the guy who was supposed to ring me back never rang back (I had to provide proof via email that I was self employed, it was after sending it that I never got a response). I had a look at mobiles.co.uk to just go on a personal tarrif, but they are out of stock (even though they show as in stock on the website) and other than those places I was struggling to find a good deal. The guy at t-mobile telesales was gonna do me the phone for £10, free delivery etc but not actualy include anything else in the deal. I have found it in a number of places with no discount, but im tight fisted and always on the lookout for a good deal. So, where is the best deal, or where should I get it from.

Additionaly, how strict is the fair use policy on web n walk. I pretty much intend to use it solely for email and web browsing, probably to ssh to my linux box back home, but on odd occasions I can envisage wanting to gon on msn. Are they likely to sniff packets, check connection ports etc and 1kb to wrong place gets me in trouble, or will they only be concerend if I am a heavy user (doubtful)

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Any word ??

The cheapest I've found is with www.ukphoneshop.co.uk ..... anybody better ??

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I went to Carphone Warehouse a couple of weeks ago and they knew nothing of the Compact 3. They offered it to me on flext 35 free on a new contract and if I took any old phone in they'd give me a a bluetooth headset but I bartered it to a 1Gig card.

Went to Tmob shop yesterday and asked about the upgrade cost. I was told £130. I told them about the offer above and asked them if they could match it. I told a white lie and said that the offer was for an upgrade. After a quick call they agreed it, and if I took out the insurance (it can be cancelled for free within 14 days) they'd give me the headset too.

I ended up getting the phone for free on my current contract (£30 and £7.50 W&W) with £50 of extras (headset and card).

Not too bad!!


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How about this...

Flext 35 + Web 'n' Walk, device is FREE then choose one of the following - 8 months half price line rental or FREE iPod Nano + Tubes or FREE Nintendo DS Lite or FREEPhoto Printer.

Add to that either a FREE MoDaCo Ad Free account or £10 off MoDaCo CamerAware / MoDaCo Plus (CamerAware works great on the MDACIII by the way), and you have a hell of a deal.

Beat that! :rolleyes:

More details @ http://shop.modaco.com/t-mobile-mda-compact-3.html



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