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This Whole Thread Needs to be Renamed

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There are TWO i600's and they are very different from each other. Once is the flip-form-factor SCH-i600 and the other is the not-yet-available candybar-qwerty SGH-i600 (the difference in the designations being a "C" vs a "G").

This thread is clearly about the older one, the SCH-i600. This thread should be titled "Samsung SCH-i600 Flip Phone" to avoid any confusion.

There should be a new thread titled "Samsung SGH-i600 Ultra Messaging".

Yes I know, there is already a thread for the SGH-i607, or "BlackJack". However, the SGH-i600 and the SGH-i607 are not identical. They have different processors; one has a forward camera and the other doesn't, etc.

Time for a thread on the SGH-i600!

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