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Cancelling Contract

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Hi guys.

I'm currently with Orange & although I find them ok to deal with they are not what they once were.

They have me tied in to a 2 year contract on my SPV M500, that comming to the end of its first year.

I am looking at weather its viable to cancel my current contract & take up a new one - See if its cheaper in the long term.

Is there a standard disconnect charge if I'm still under contract? If so how much? & What happens to the pjone, as with the contract I'm currently on I must have paid for it by now.



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The phone is yours from day one, so you get to keep that.

The cancellation fee is the number of months remaining in the contract multiplied by the monthly cost of your subscription. EG: 12 x £25

What you might want to do is change to the cheapest tariff you can get (probably about £12-£15) then wait til the following month and cancel the subscription. That way should be cheaper, as long as you're not restarting the contract (some networks say you are restarting the contract if you change to a lower tariff within X months)

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