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Syncing Tasks by specific Catorories WM5.0 Smartphone Cingular 3125

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Is it possible to only sync specific categories with my Cingular 3125 (5.1.195 (Build 14955.2.3.0). When I select tasks in active sync 4.2.0 the settings button is grayed out. I don't want to sync all my work tasks to my phone, only my personal tasks.

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the abilty to filter by category has been removed in WM5 most people think its part of activesynch that prevents it but as someone who has 4.5beta installed and synchs both WM5 and 2003 devices to the same pc ony the 2003 still allow filtering proving it is indeed a missing link from WM5

you could if you wanted buy smartphone notes for WM5 and use that to make your task as that does allow category filtering if they can implament it in there soft ware maybe some one out there can create some software to bring back category filtering on WM% devices

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