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HTC MTeor on T-Mobile

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Hi everybody. I have HTC MTeoR. I do travell a lot, in different countries I am using the local sim card to call and send sms. It works everywhere exept for the USA. When I am inserting T-mobile card it just would not send sms (text messages). It is an unlocked phone. I bout it in Europe. It is my 3rd MTeoR, non of preveouse phnes could send sms on T-mobile.

the question is, can someone help me? what is the problem here?

I did check the phone # for sms center. it all correct. While I am in the US I have to use my old Qtek 8310. it works fine on sms.

any help?

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Just got my MTeoR this week and I'm on T-Mobile U.S. I've had no problems sending/receiving SMS messages. Sorry this doesn't help you but thought I'd confirm SMS is working on T-Mobile. What ROM are you on? I upgraded mine from 1.13 to 1.30 prior to testing.

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my guess would be that your setting for the t-mobile account are incorrect.

I swapped a phone from Vodafone to Virgin and had to go thru registering the phone on the network and receiving the mms, sms and voicemail settings to the phone.

it can be edited manually if you know where you need to point the settings!

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