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How do I programmatically determine Pocket PC flash card drive

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My toolkit is Visual Studio 2005 with the Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK. I use C++ but if you know the answer in any language it could be enough to jumpstart my adventure in Windows Mobile programming

I want to be able to sniff out the available removable card drives. I want to find the flash card drive specifically, but an SD card drive would be of interest to my program that is looking for information to be stored exclusively on removable media. I tried using GetFileAttributes() for all the drives "A:", "B:", "C:", etc. but all I could determine was that the system would happily answer any question about those drives and that I don't know the meaningful question to ask. :)

More specifically, I have data on a card in the folder "MyFolder", so whatever the drive the card is, I want to find [card drive]:\MyFolder and sense the contents. All I know is I have a Pocket PC 2003 or newer that has some sort of removable media support.

Can someone suggest a source of information or supply some insight and help my adventure in Windows Mobile programming?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



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