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Problems with Quick Switch

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Bretto et al,

I'm running PPC Profiles on my HTC Prophet, (Orange SPV M600) and have always found the Quick Switch functionality to be a little intermittent, and so pretty much gave up on using that particular bit of the program.

Playing a little more today, it looks as though the area you need to 'click and hold' is in fact much smaller than the whole icon that you press to switch profiles- is it possible that there has been a programming error somewhere here? i.e. the quick switch only seems to work if I press a very small strip along the bottom edge of an icon button

[NB. I'm using the 'Icon Buttons' set 'PPCProfilesBlank.bmp' with Display Names Over Buttons in case that makes any difference.

NB My touch screen alignment does seem to be correct.]

Incidentally, it would also be nice if the quick switch functionality could be implemented using the middle hardware key on my WM5 device. i.e if I click and hold the hardware button when over an icon I am only able to switch to that profile rather than quick switch.

Other than that little niggle I have to say that I think the program is extremely useful.

Many thanks


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