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MPx220 low sound fix

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Hey guys,

This is a Cheap fix, done the right way. Well my right way.

I see a lot of people have been having the same problem that I have had recently. I have been trying to use MP3's as my ringtone on my MPx220, and you can barely hear it, no matter what you do.

I found the fix, I know im not the only one out there who ahs done it. I ordered a replacement speaker off of eBay, it came from China. I was leary about taking my phone apart, because I would hate to break it, but anyways. I ordered one, got it in, took the old on out, and installed the new one.

There is a product quality difference between the OEM speaker and the one I got from China, the OEM one was an old cone style foam speaker, and the new one is a plastic-heavyduty speaker.

The sound quality is way better, the volume quality 10 out of 10.

A must if you want to fix your MOPX220.

I always had mine on vibrate, because I couldnt hear it ring anyways with an MP3 ringtone.

But now I have to make sure my ringer isnt on all the way, its way loud now.

Here's what I used for instructions to take the case off, its real easy with these pics: http://www.cnn.cn/mpx220/mpx220instruction.htm

Here's the eBay link where I bought the speaker: http://cgi.ebay.com/motorola-mpx220-speake...VQQcmdZViewItem

The speaker costs $7.99 plus shipping, but is well wirth it.

Let me knwo what you guys think.

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