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I320 in the U.S.

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I just purchased an I320 on ebay and was not thinking about the fact that it is a tri-band phone. I have Cingular and from what I've read it needs to have the 850 band to get good reception in North and South America. I'm waiting for it to be shipped and want to know whether or not I'll have to sell it as soon as I get it. Any U.S. I320 owners have any feedback? (I live in Maryland)

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Me again, I received my I320n today and popped in my cingular sim card and BAM....no service. it works fine with my t-mobile sim but it does not receive signal with cingular at all. If anyone has t-mobile in maryland you will know that the service SUCKS, therefore i am reselling it so if there is anyone interested in a VERY LIGHTLY used I320n with no scuffs scratches or blemishes, fully functional and with all original hardware and software, then follow this link: I320n for sale and place your bid (and for you modaco guys i'll let you know that the reserve is set at $315 usd) I will ship anywhere in the us or europe

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