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New HTC MTeoR ROM: V1.32.251.1 RUU: v3.13.0.0

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There is a new ROM available over at XDA Dev. Here's the link to the thread and you can find the new ROM on their FTP site:


What's the deal?! No interest in this phone any longer? I've read on many boards the issues with this device, but it is still improving.

This latest version boots as a Test ROM. No matter. It's quite stable and improves the battery life on GSM, at least for me. Quite pleased thus far. I am still a little peaved that it doesn't display the "E" for EDGE but I'll live with it. The ROM is quite stable. Call quality if great and loud. It's now almost Midnight and I still have 2 bars of battery. Quite an improvment from the previous version. I'm running Good email for work and direct PUSH for my personal email. My GPRS is always connected. Definitely think it's worth the upgrade.

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