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Orbit and GPRS questions

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love it!! orbit is better than i could have imagined, ive come from spv phones.

OK GPRS is causing me a pain, it connects when IT wants to, and that i cant have as it costs me money ( i get 1mb free on O2)

I now have the monitor running so ill know if ive spent a fortune.

But how can i stop the darn thing connecting, i NEVER want it to connect unless i specifically ask it to.

Also ive no idea how much its going to cost per mb, any ideas on those two points?

Contract is a £35 pm one



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I have the opposite problem...

I have gone abroad and roaming using O2 sim but cannot connect to either GPRS or Wi-Fi. Local network is Q-Tel (Qatar)

This is not a good as this is NOT what I expect from an XDA

Help desperately needed

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hi please start your own thread.

I need an answer to mine thanks lol

Oooo get you!

Sorry I thought the thread title read "Orbit and GPRS questions"...

So I asked a question about GPRS - on an Orbit! In keeping with normal Forum etiquette this was "On Topic", or so I thought.

I was obviously wrong....

Now had the title read. "I need the answer to my specific GPRS questions" I would have obliged.

I shall shuffle off and find a somewhat less tetchy group of Orbit/Artimus users.

Good luck pal.......Bratt by name, Brat by nature

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bye... :)

no worries mate, ill let a noob off lol

O2's answer to my problem is "we can turn it off so you can never use is" thats not very helpful as occasionally id like to turn it on myself.

Am i the only one with this problem, @ £3 a meg after my one meg id be broke in no time.

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Hi Simon,

BEWARE!!!! I have the EXACT same problem. I bought my Orbit on 2nd Dec, found it kept connecting to GPRS itself and called the store - they said don;t worry about it it won't cost you anything.

Opened my first bill to find £636 of GPRS calls!!! I haven't downloaded a single byte - it has done it all itself!!!

O2 couldn't me less helpful - everyone just says "well, the calls came from your phone so you have to pay it"

Does ANYONE have any idea how we can stop this and who we can speak to to sort this. I am sure Simon will get a big bill too!



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Hi, also loving the Orbit but yeah I've had the same problem, check on the phone and GPRS has been running for 30mins plus.... (once it had been running for 3hrs...gulp), luckily I have the 36MB deal but I don't want to be using it up in my pocket.... the way I have been reducing the amount of times it has done it is, as soon as I have stopped the internet, go to the running apps in the bottom right and close IE, then go to the G symbol and stop the connection, but that hasn't always been successful in stopping me being connected for long periods when I haven't realised...on the T mobile versions of the Orbit they have an "X" program, so when you close the window using the X in the top right if you press and hold it, it closes down the running app completely instead of closing the window down, a guy i know has managed to put it on his Orbit but I don't know where he found it, does anyone else know? It would be so much easier to keep the amount of running apps down.

I just download that program from the link above and it works great (are you logged in?), I've just tried to open the IE and the program stops it connecting.

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