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Contact list display problems

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I don't like the way contact info is shown when a contact calls me. I find it difficult to describe what is shown, but i will give it a try:

I get to see al the contact info i entered for that contact, such as phonenumber, email, fax number, address, etc.

Across this info the text "Oproep" (Dutch for "Call") is shown in a larger font. So the two texts overlap each other and both are almost impossible to read.

When i have have a picture with a contact, this picture is shown (very small) next to all the contact items mentioned above. So i get to see a couple of small, often incomplete, pictures next to the phonenumber, the fax number, address info and everything else i entered for that contact.

What i would like to see when i receive a call is the telephone number and a picture (if present). How can i accomplish this?

thanks for any help!

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no one ???

does anyone recognise my problem, or am i the only one?

I don't think the "call" word overlaps in any way on my phone but all the contact info and such are shown when someone calls.

You could try some kind of contacts software like PhotoContacts from pocketx or similar, http://www.pocketx.net

Then you have more options for customizing how the screen should look when receiving calls.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help...


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