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help! Imate Jam Mac sync through BT problem

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I recently purchased a Macbook and markspace program to sync.

my Imate jam has the latest rom installed 1120 off imate ftp.

my problem is that I can sync my device using the usb but I can't sync it via BT.

I can't even transfer files btw my macbook and my Jam.

Has anyone experienced this problem before?

is there an update I need to do on my Jam prior to BT sync?

I already went through an extensive research on this issue in help of Markspace support section but founf none useful.

Please help me.!!

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Hi I'm Using missing sync also quit a long time only I didn't give me the time to find out how to sync with Bluetooth.

If it is not working althow you have done the settings accoording to the manual under the help Bletooth sync assistand of Myssing sync than you better ask help form the Markspace people they are always willing to help.

Suc7 and let us know how you solved it and concratulations with your MacBook good choise!

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Concratualtions with your MacBook!

suppose you did check the help item:

""" Smartphone Bluethooth Sync/Connection

Before You Start: Pairing Devices

Pairing establishes a relationship between your Mac and handheld device. If you have already paired your handheld device and your Mac you may go directly to the “Synchronization/Connection Steps”, otherwise select the “I need to pair my handheld and Mac” option below.

I need to pair my handheld and Mac.


I have already paired my devices. Take me to the Synchronization/Connection steps. """

If you did you better post you questions with the people from Markspace they know what they are doing and are fast with reply's

For myself I didn't take the time to find out the bluetooth sync and now am waiting for the iPhone.

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