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Pocket + Problems

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Got M700 on upgrade on Thursday. Loaded Pocket Plus v3 along with other apps and the phone froze after soft resets. After 20+ soft sets and about 8 complete hard resets. ;)

Figured P+ to be the culprit...... <_<

Any similar experiences with anyone out there???? Any suggestions as a replacement app???


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I had a bad experience with Pocketplus too, Iposted about it >HERE<

I went back to what I was using before,

cLaunch for a today screen launcher, much more configurable >LINK<

Batti for a better battery meter, again, more customisable >LINK<

as I said in the above thread the file explorer enhancements areen't really needed as Total commander >LINK< offers all the added features, and more

all the above are free BTW ;)

There are plenty of programs out there to make the x button close properly

a lot of the rest of it was, in my opinion, gimmicks that I won't miss

Hopefully that's given you some ideas

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