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task manager???

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is there a task manager on this phone? i think i have been thru every menu 3 x now and cant find it??

help ;)

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I used binarys on my spl but it doesnt work that well on this phone. if i stop all non system apps it also disables my start menus...

also battery info doesnt work thru binarys.

This phone is slow ;)

Thanks though.

any other ideas anyone?

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Doka, in response to your original post, no, the SPL ships without a pre-installed task manager. I assume there is a reason for this, to do with Microsoft and licencing maybe? (although I assumed task manager was an in-built part of Wondows Mobile? )Whist I could potentially understand that, there is no excuse for not including a different task manager with the phone. As anyone who owns the SPL will know, it's bloody slow at the best of times, i-mate seem to have shot themselves in the foot and actually managed to compound this major annoyance by not giving you a task manager to close applications. Absolute madness!!

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