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Anyone have any info on this phone? I know it's fairly new, but I can't seem to find any good information on it. Such as unlocking, mp3 playback ?? (does it need special software, can it play while it's not opened, etc). I heard it dosnt have a vibrate feature... is that true? Where can I buy it w/o a service plan? (not too many listings on eBay)

This phone seems perfect for me, it's small, can play mp3s, can take decent pictures, can get TomTom installed for GPS, and it's CDMA.

I want to use it on US Cellular right now and maybe switch to sprint later with a data plan (will that work?).

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I just got this phone last week. Its very nice. It leaves a bit to be desired coming from a PPC phone, but its not too shabby. You can use the built in windows media player 10 to play MP3's on it, and you can play them with it shut. You also can sync it with your windows media 10 on your desktop and easily transfer songs/albums/artitsts to your phone thru windows media player.

And it does have a vibrate, and its a serious one!

The alarm sucks though, so if you use an alarm, email me at [email protected], and i'll send you a program called Chronos (or you can search and d/l it yourself) its a good alarm to replace the stock shitty one with.

im still trying to learn stuff on this phone too, so hope that helps.

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