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Cheapest Tariff on O??

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Anyone know what the cheapest tariff is that Orange do?

Basically i've got 3 months left of my 18 month contract & i want to run away to T-Mobile so i want to change to the cheapest tarrif :D

Anyway just got off the phone & apparently the cheapest according to this guy is £25!! :( ;)

Surely there's one cheaper?

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Hi Ya,

Afraid not the cheapest tariff on Orange is £25 a month.

But got for T-Mobile anyway, if you can get a decent signal I would recommend T-Mobile for everyone, and I'm an Orange customer who is completely P****d off with their extortionate data costs, I've actually disabled all data now on my phone and told them why...............gues what there response, 'Ok sir sorry to hear that, but unfortunately Orange cannot compete with T-Mobile' thats it they are prepared to lose £40 odd a month in data rather than offer something else, but hey a nother couple of months and they lose another £73 when I cancel my contracts too.

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