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Question on call blocking

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Managed to find these forums and they are proving to be very informative ;) Though they stil haven't made up my mind if I should get a M3100 or M700 from Orange next month :s

Anyway onto my question.

I currently use a SE K800i that I can block/allow callers using a whitelist (only set callers filter through) - I use this so that during meetings only urgent calls get through. On the k800 when the call gets rejected it is instant and the caller does not hear a single ring but just goes straight to answerphone (as if the phone is switched off), this I like as it doesnt appear to people that I have seen their number call and then rejected it manually.

Using something like Call SMS Blocker, Call Block or Magicall would the same happen or would the callers hear 1 ring and then get sent to voicemail?

Many thanks


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Another one to add to your list is Novosec SmartFilter which also uses whiteliists, blacklists, known /unknown callers, and anonymous caller block etc.

All of them need to answer an incoming call, so that they can compare to the active filter, but in general the response is quick. I don't know how much the caller hears, but the device ringer doesn't have time to sound.

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I use SMS Call Blocker and have tried Magicall, but the caller hears two rings before being diverted, and it does give the impression that you are rejecting them after seeing their number!

I previously used a SE P910, and the built in call filtering and also Advanced Call Manager were much better - instant or half a ring before it diverted calls

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I'm desperately looking for a Call Blocker (most importantly) SMS blocker for SE K800i, as I keep getting sexual text messages from a stranger. All of the solutions provided in this thread are for smartphones only.

Does anyone know any SW that fits my device?



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