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Tom Murphy

Windows Mobile 6 on Graphite

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I've had my graphite for a week now and was wondering would Windows Mobile 6 work on it and if it did, is it worth it?

Did we ever figure out if this was possible?

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I contacted them a small while ago about this.

I received the standard response you'd expect.

Dear Chris,

Thank you for contacting O2 Asia Technical Support.

With regards to your query below, currently, you are not able to upgrade your Windows Mobile OS version. Kindly note that O2 Asia has not released any plans of such an upgrade at

the moment. Thank you.



I was just wondering if you guys have any plans to provide a Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for the O2 Graphite.

I'm interested in purchasing one - however am looking for having it with Windows Mobile 6.

So essentially what I want to know is if you'll be offering these devices with Windows Mobile 6 (when it is released), and if I purchase before you have them available with WM6, will a firmware upgrade be available for those of us running WM5?


A little disappointing.

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