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HTC TyTN/MTEOR frequent bluetooth disconnections AUDI builtin carkit workaround

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Hi there, because I had to look a very long time to solve this problem myself I really want to share this topic with all of you. I'm sure there are other people who are experiencing the same problem. I found a thread on google which mentioned something about Jetware as a solution for his TYTN/AUDI carkit/bluetooth disconnections. So I went on the website http://www.jetwaremobile.com and downloaded the windows mobile 5 version (jetware 1.3) on my pc and afterwards i copied the cab file on the Mteor device. Then I opened the file manager on the mobile device and installed the cab file. I launched it and I tested the connection with the carkit several times. The connections stays stabile !! Finally.

The good news is that you don't have to buy the software right away, you can first test it for a month, so what's the harm, go and give it a try.


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