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ContactMP3 v.1.1

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File Name: ContactMP3 v.1.1

File Submitter: AtrYOm

File Submitted: 6 Apr 2007

File Category: Pocket PC Phone Edition Software

Simply set ringtone in MP3 format to contacts and categories.

You can save the links to your .mp3 files:

1. In seldom ising field Email3 in Contact.

2. To the file in program directory.

After HardReset you can restore information .

Program is tested on Windows Mobile 5.0

and requireв .Net Compact Framework 2.0

Click here to download this file

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As far as I can tell this only works on PPC. Well, I can't get it to work on my SmartPhone. Anyone know how hard it would be to port this app to work on SmartPhone? Anyone actually have this program working on PPC? I would really like to see a free app like this for WM5/WM6.

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