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HTC VOX and Blackberry Connect

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Ciao to everybody.

I have ordered an HTC S710 (Vox) and i'm waiting for it (expansys.it; maybe I will receive it at the end of this week).

In a lot af publication from HTC and Blackberry (on 3GSM) I have read about the presence of Blackberry Connect on the VOX. This is why I have bought it.

Can anyone confirm this? Has anyone used it?

I love WM but I have to use a Blackberry pearl for it's push mail functionality.

Thank you very much in advance.


PS Sorry for my bad English!! :-)

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the key quote in there is "to carriers around the world...." first paragraph, third line. As blackberry conect is usually locked down to the network in question, it is usually added only at the request of network operators, and if you have an unbranded version of the device, the network should provide you with a copy of the software so that you can use their service.

Being that Orange still seem to regard Blackberry as mainly a business service and seem ridiculously reluctant to offer it to anyone on a consumer contract, i should imagine they will only offer it on business devices or likely not at all....seems a bit daft to me really, but then they also like to charge for MS push mail as well!!

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This is the S710 in question here.


Paul, This was just some general blackberry info I got this morning, and not necessarily meant to be regarding the Vox ;)

Sorry, I should have made it clearer.

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