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USB extender

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HTC 3-in-1 USB Adapter

Listen to your MP3 music in full stereo with your own headphones on your PDA, and at the same time be able to charge or sync your handset. The HTC 3-in-1 USB Adapter extends your devices' miniUSB port out into two miniUSB ports and a 3.5mm jack. This allows you to plug in a charger or data cable, and still use your device's handsfree kit, or your own choice of headphones to listen to music.

11pins to 11pins HTC adapter, with USB port and 3.5mm Stereo Head Jack, you can connect to your own headphone or amplifier for audio and the USB port, you are able to charge the device via USB cable at the same time.

Support :

HTC Athena/HTC Advantage X7500/Dopod U1000/T-Mobile AMEO

HTC P3400/HTC Gene/Dopod D600

HTC P4350/HTC Herald/Dopod C800/Dopod C858

HTC Trinity/HTC P3600/Qtek P3600/Orange SPV M700/Dopod D810/Dopod CHT9100

O2 XDA Orbit/HTC P3300/HTC Artemis/Qtek G200/Dopod P800W/Dopod M700/T-Mobile MDA Compact III/Orange SPV M650

O2 Xda Cosmo/HTC Excalibur/HTC S620/T-Mobile Dash/Dopod C720W

HTC S310/HTC Oxygen/Orange SPV C100/Qtek 7200

O2 XDA Trion/MDA Vario II/Cingular 8525/i-mate JASJAM/Qtek 9600/HTC TyTN/Dopod CHT9000/Orange SPV M3100/Vodafone 1605/Dopod 838Pro

HTC MTeoR/HTC Breeze/Dopod 595/Qtek 8600

Including most other PDA's & Smart Phones that use a Mini USB connector




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