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WMP - Rotation

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Ive had an account for quite a while, Though reading alot hardly ever post.

Recently i decided on going for a contract phone to replace my old C500 and chose this eventually, becasue i did't want to wait for the Vox, or the Wings.

Anway, just got my memory card, and putting some videos on..

When watching them in full screen Windows Media Player does not rotate the video lanscape?

I've tried other videos, they are all 33gp videos.

I've tried a WMV, and it does.

But on my friends C600 smae video it rotates in full screen.

Any Ideas?


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there is a fullscreen option in there somewhere (that you've probably found)

I use TCPMP for playing all vids in all formats. fullscreen works much better too as it always stretches films which wmp doesn't do

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I found some options, but nothing letting me do what I want.

Yea i do like TCMP Player, though it doesn't like AAC audio.

I just like wmp because of the library bit.

and it seems to be louder on the Volume.


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