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Got one! (Netherlands)

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Well, I saw the voX in the shop yesterday and (knowing the S730 will be much later or never released at all) I got myself one :D

First Impressions: Ahhh, did I miss the High Quality screen!!! (Was using the P4350 and before that the Qtek 8310)

Also, WM6 has really improved over WM5, MS listened to the customers for shortcommings on WM5 and

fixed it on WM6. It's small improvements all over, but it makes a big difference!

I also tested my beloved TCPMP (0.71) with the screen-switching and it works perfectly.

I'm so happy I have my basic ultrafast mediaplayer back!

What I dont like is the placement of the volumebuttons! It should have been on the other side, because if you try to use it,

there's a big chance you'll slide the keyboard a bit and it feels... akward.

My brother got the Orange version yesterday and it was fun to see the small differences in design (I still like mine more Bro! ;))

Well, gonna try some OC'ing to juice it up a bit.

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Would you mind posting a pic or two? ;)

Nope, I wouldn't (but boss needs to leave the room for a bit in order for me to take a few snaps)

I just put Tornado Powercontrol on it and man, does it make a difference! Switching from portrait to landscape is

allmost instant now and loading of apps is also really fast.

Need to do further testing tho to make sure it's stable

Also, does anybody have an idea on how to remove the HTC branding?

I once found something for my P4350 (involved registry editing), but can't remember where...

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