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Prefer silver keypad version over the Bback keypad

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Okay I got my E650 yesterday. Upon taking it out of the box I was in awe of how such a tiny device could pack such so much. I think this is the limit of miniturisation for such a device with a proper keypad, any smaller it would be unuseable. Wifi work brilliantly dare I say better than the O2 Orbit I have.

But back to the point of this post. After looking at the pics on the web I was dead sure I prefered the black keypad version over the silver. And I was more than happy with the E650. However a friend popped by last night & he had bought the HTC version with the silver keypad & after comparing them for a while I actually think it looks loads better. The silver face makes it look kinda classier & more expensive. Most importanly though is when the qwerty keyboard is open, its silver so the design looks neater & more intergrated. Obviously beauty is in the eye of the beholder so I'm sure loads of you would disagree with me.

Anyway I'll be sending mine back to O & getting the HTC version. Now to look for a good contract deal with the phone free. any suggestions?

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I have to say i prefer the HTC version myself too. Best bet for return on investment is to pick up an N95 on TMob(inc WnW) and flog it on ebay ;)

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