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New PAYG tariff

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Hey guys.

just incase u dont know, Orange have changed there payg tariff. All new customers joining payg will b charged 15p flat rate to ring UK Landline, UK Mobile and Orange.

Not a bad deal considering it used to be 10p/min Orange to Orange, 35p/min Orange to other UK Network.

Whats ur opinions on it? Sorry if this has already been mentioned else where.

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Very Good Rates, but make sure you dont just make a 2 second call.

Min Call charges are now 10p and to 0845 numbers there 25p.

The Reason why Orange are doing this is they are starting to become desperate,

They have lost a couple of million customer last year and so far they have been on watchdog twice in a couple of weeks for poor customers service, (voted the worst)

They have also been voted by customers calling in to be near the bottom of care too.

I was with Orange for a fair few years, this last year the care was shocking, rude, abrupt, un helpful, count care and some of the shops were shocking. extremely abrupt. Infact one staff member said i was lying when i was in the shop.

Sorry im not going back after that and so far have converted a fewof my firends from orange, and cant say a good word for them

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