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Shut off the camera shutter sound

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To shut off the click of the camera just edit the file named "camera_shutter_.wav" that it's placed in the windows directory. To edit the this audio file use Total Commander (Smartphone version, obviously), I use the version 2.0 of it.

When you've localized the file,select the right soft key (menu), then choose Modify, this open the file using the internal editor.At this point just type a single letter or what you desire, so the file is "corrupted".Save it, and the game is done! Remember: Total Commander handle only files not bigger than 64K.

That's all! From now on, you don't listen anymore the click when you shoot a photo!

PS: Make a copy of the file (or the files if you want to modify other than that) in a place that you think secure (eg: in the storage card of your phone, or better on your PC).

PPS: I am not responsible for any damage to your phone if you decide to follow the instructions above described.

Now for you it's spy time!

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