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syncing over gprs

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I've just upgraded from a vario to my fourth WM device, a T-Mobile Compact III. Active sync is decidedly flaky for me as I use McAfee as a firewall and there seems no logic in when it will sync.

I've decided to manage all my email, calender and contacts from my Yahoo Plus account. I can download my mail onto the phone as a normal email account, but I would like to be able to sync my contacts and calender too. I've looked at emoze but that relies on having my laptop on all the time so its no good for me. What I want is a solution that would allow me to sync with Yahoo without needing a PC. I've searched Google but cant find anything that really fits the bill. I don't really want to pay but depending on whats available I'll consider it. A free service would be best though (of course! :P ).

Any ideas? :rolleyes:



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I suspect there's not an easy answer, as I don't know of any apps to sync with non mail Yahoo! services, as they don't make a connector available.

Have you considered Yahoo! Go?

Unfortunately for your device it's 'coming soon', but you can find deets on http://mobile.yahoo.com/go/phones?os=wm.


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You could look at 4SmartPhone; not a free service, but the $6.99 per month allows you to sync all your email, contacts, and appointments to any version of Outlook, whether PC or Mobile, on as many devices as you own. As a hosted server, all the data remains central, so your PC doesn't need to be on. A local copy of the Outlook data is still kept on the PC for offline working.

It also includes an official license for Outlook 2007.

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I've just discovered Mail2web.com which is essentially a free exchange server service. I've managed to get it to back up all of my contacts and calender to their service via activesync over the air. They will also consolodate all of my email accounts to their service and they can be downloaded by my device via push email.

This is a free service and only requires regisrtation on their site. They dont even ask for an email address, just a give a username and password and thats it!


Welshgaz :P

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