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SPV C550 COM Bluetooth port configuration

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Hi folks,

First post on here so be gentle :rolleyes: I'm trying to pair my SPV C550 with a Holox BT-321 GPS device. Annoyingly, I managed to do exactly this when I borrowed a work colleague's BT-321 without any problems. However, now I've just bought my own - when I try to configure the Outgoing COM Port it won't let me select COM7 (nor will it for an Incoming port). It just gives the generic error:

The COM port could not be created. Please check your settings and try again.

I was wondering if anyone had come across this and had any advice? Is it that COM7 is in use *somewhere* or is it likely to be something else?

Any advice provided would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers all,

Ian :P

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Hi again,

The issue has resolved itself bizarrely. I did nothing differently but yesterday the device just paired and now it's happy.



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