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App unlock? Profiles?

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I'm brand new to PPC and I have a couple of quick questions. I tried to run an application and I got an error that reminded me of the smartphone app locked error, so I was wondering if it's possible, or necessary, to app unlock a ppc.

Also the thing I miss from smartphone are the profiles. Is there any way to add them to ppc? Either through a hack or with a third party app? I've seen phonealarm suggested, and it looks interesting, but to be honest I'd feel like an idiot spending money on so simple a feature (don't really want any of it's other features) after I just dropped $400 on a the phone itself.

Thanks in advance

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The PPC needs to be app unlocked as well using the same methods to app unlock the Smartphone.

As far as profiles...there are apps out there to do what you are asking (no it is not built in) There may be free ones, but I dont know any off-hand.

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