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Syncronization question

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I'm a quite happy i320 user but I don't like Outlook too much. I'm looking for a way to sync my device with Thunderbird.

This is what I found: http://www.finchsync.com/

ActiveSync is not needed (and not available for Mac OS or Linux anyway), but the Pocket PC must be able to connect to the PC via TCP/IP. This can be done using a WLAN connection for example. If this requirement is fulfilled, synchronization can be done from everywhere using the internet. The HTTP protocol is used for the communication between PC and Pocket PC. This should work even in firewall-protected environments./

Is this possible with the i320 using USB?

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Hi there,

Did you look at their doc http://www.finchsync.com/docu.html ?

But I wouldnt go away from Outlook for few reasons :

- Contact sync is 100% (including photo, and most details)

- Journal is good too, my smartphone push at every sync the log for every calls sent/received into my Outlook

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thanks, I think I'll also use Outlook... I just don't like the program, but all other solutions are no real solutions in my opinion (too much work).

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