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Can anyone reccomend a Good Case?

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I have been looking around for a few days now for a better case for my X500 but have not made up my mind yet... i am swinging towards the Krusell, anyone else make any coments?? i dont want a silicon skin case (i dont think) as i want to be able to take it out quickly and put it into its car mount.

Thanks in advance!

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Ive always found krussels to be a good quality case for phones and have dropped many a phone and they survived without a scratch on them :rolleyes:

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I really would,like a flip case... i think i am just too picky! :rolleyes:

1. Must be able to access all butons Without removing the case.

2. Must be able to use the camera Without removing the case.

3. The Bottom Card Must be covered so stop accidental ejection (so to speak).

4. If possible i dont want the 'glofiish' covered up.

5. have space for at lease 1 full SD card.

6. have space for 1 or 2 credit cards.

7. I Dont want a stupid looking belt clip or it must be FULLY removable. (Who the hell would want to wear a phone on their belt!!!)

I have not found a perfect case so far but am looking!!! and in the end i think i will end up with a compromise.

Here are the ones i am looking at so far:





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It must be a US thing a majority of people have their phone on their belts. It just a lot more convenient and comfortable. I don't always have a jacket, it would be extremely uncomfortable in the pocket so the best place is on the belt. It is also a lot safer you don't have to worry about it getting stolen or forgotten at the pub and when your using it as a phone it's not any larger plus you don't look like your talking into your wallet.

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Yeah you may be right, but if you were to do that in the UK you get slated! and i dont just mean in the streets... at work too!

dont know why! :rolleyes:

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