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Lobster TomTom Device Code Change

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I'm new to this forum so be gentle!

I have a Lobster 700tv for which I purchased TomTom 5 (Benelux Maps) which installed & activated ok, i also purchased the UK Maps, which again installed & activated ok, been using it for a week, Today when i tried to use it, it complained it needed activating again!! I also have noticed that the tomtom device code has changed! so i won't let me reactivate it cos it thinks it's installed on a different device now.

The only thing I have done in unlocked the device so it can run unsigned software as explained on this forum Here......


Any Idea's? before I call TT support

Thanks in Advance

Stuart :rolleyes:

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Call TT ! your s/ware is all legal, the unlocking is nothing to do with TT so they should sort you out without a problem, you've done nothing wrong and their s/ware has stopped working, they should sort it out for you.

Welcome to the forum!

Let us know how you get on.

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