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help with stereo headphone solution

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Hi All,

I've only recently started using my Jamin phone to listen to music, but I'm not happy with my current headphones.

Here's my ideal, a device that:

* has volume control

* has prev/next track & pause/play buttons (and works with WMP)

* has a microphone so that I can make/receive calls

* has a call answer button

* is stereo, of course

* works with WMP so that the music stops when a call is received

* has a 3.5mm jack so that I can use my existing, quality headphones (I HATE earbuds!)

As a bonus, it would be good if it was a Bluetooth device. (I've read elsewhere that the Prophet/Jamin can be made to support A2DP, is that right?)

This device appears to satisfy some of these requirements:


However, it's unclear if the prev/next track buttons work with anything other than i.Tech's player software.

Has anyone used the S35 with a Prophet? Any feedback?

How about other devices -- does anyone know of something which will satisfy my whole list?


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