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New mobile or what???

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what should I do, and it needs doing in the next couple of days, as I cannot now charge of sync my mobile anymore.

The problem is that the white plastic bit that was holding the pins in the usb socket of my mobile (O2 XDA Exec)has cracked, perished and come away completely.

I have managed to still carefully use the pins, just for charging the battery.

today one of the pins have got bent (extreme right looking face onto the socket, mobile correct way up), and in my attempt to rescue it, it has come off completely.

It now wont charge.

Should I send it into HTC for repair or should I get a new mobile?

I can post pics if necessary.

I have had the mobile over it's 12 month contract on O2, which ended in March 2007. I have since changed to T-Mobile PAYG with Web'n'Walk (max £1 per day for web).

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I managed to phone HTC customer services, and the guy gave me the number for their europe repair center.

Phoned the repair center, and gave the IMEI number, and was told it was an arabic mobile.

I explained the situation, and was referred to the O2 repair center.

I then phoned the O2 repair center up, and they couldn't help me as i'm no longer an O2 customer.

What do I do now???

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Good spot Rick- hope it works till you can get either a more permanent repair, or a new device :)

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I sent mine (which I'd bought of eBay so never was an O2 customer) to the O2 repair centre and was told I'd be charged £150 (my socket had become detached as well - but prob my fault)

I then received a new one with a letter saying that as they couldn't repair it within 7 days they'd replaced it.

They didn't bill me :)

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