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I was looking at getting an MDA Compact 3 but was wondering what its like for texting?

Are you given a keyboard similar to the on screen one on an HTC Hermes meaning you would need to use a stylus? Or is there a better layout.

If I got the phone i'd be looking for a solution to text just with a thumb in the portrait position as you would with a normal phone. Is that possible?

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Yes, you need to use the stylus to text. Its a pain in the arse! I can cope with it most of the time, but if I'm out and about and need to send a quick text, it isn't easy - especially when you're p*ssed!

When I first got it, I looked for an app that would display large 'normal phone-like' buttons on the screen so that I could text as-per-normal with my thumb....but never found one.

So far (7months-ish) - that is the only drawback of the MDA Compact III.

I wish they supplied a clip on keyboard (or similar) like the Sony-E's P900 series.

(Just realised how long ago u posted...this reply may be too late!)

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