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Citytime Alarms 2.0 on HTC Touch

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Has anyone tried to install Citytime Alarms 2.0 on the HTC Touch ?

I am asking this because since I installed it (for the third time...) I nearly always get the following error message on startup :

Error Notification

Cannot execute \Program Files\CodeCity\CityTime Alarms\CityAlarm.exe.

Then once this error message comes up I cannot do anything else other than a soft reset.

It is a shame because I really like this app compared to stock alarm...

By the way my Touch is in french.



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I tried it, lots of issues. The product is still available, though not actively supported by the author.

I like this one, no errors, looks great -- large touchable buttons: Spb Time

This is a nice basic one that also works well and without errors: pTravel Alarm

And then this one, pretty good -- no errors, but I prefer the other 2: Gentimer

Ok so nobody uses this app on the Touch ?

What alarm software do you use then ?


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