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Dave Smith

Windows Mobile 6 on Vario (T-Mobile)

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Hi all

I sent the following email to tmobile the other day.

Hi, can you tell me if and when t-mobile plans to update the MDA VARIO software, to Windows mobile 6?

Thank you

Dave Smith,

And i got the following reply

Hello Dave

Thanks for your email about when we'll be updating MDA Vario software to version 6.

I'm pleased you've emailed me about this, I can appreciate how important it is to know what software is available for your mobile.

I'm happy to tell you that we're anticipating the launch of Windows mobile version 6 in September this year.

I hope you find this information helpful, if you need any further assistance feel free to either reply to my email or contact our customer service team on 150 or on 0845 412 5000 from a landline.

Thanks again Dave for taking the time to email me.

Kind regards

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Yep they are launching Windows Mobile 6 on their network in September for sure. It's inside the Kaiser (Vario III). At no point did he actually tell you it would be released for the Vario, only that T-Mobile will have WM6 in September.

Edit for Spellink :)

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Do you not think their is any chance they will update the Vario software?

I cannot see T-Mobile releasing an official WM6 rom for this device. It's soon to be 2 generations old and the R&D costs just aren't worth it. What extra revenue would releasing a WM6 rom generate for T-Mob?

All is not lost, if you aren't worried about flashing unofficial roms then there's already versions of WM6 for the Vario. Do a search for "Wizard Mobile 6" in google. The second link should take you to where you want to be. As always, read everything before flashing!

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Doesn't t mobile already have phones with WM6? like the dash?

T-mobile UK or T-mobile USA?

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