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Phonez wount boot dead not charging doink jak

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I have a imate sp3 and sp3i both are dead. Well they both broke differently the sp3 first broke the screen went blank but the fone waz on and could ring and play music etc itz just that i couldnt see nothing on the screen it waz just a blank white screen.That waz da 1st problem the second waz the fone was accidenjly thrown in the wasing machine along with my pantz and now it dont come on but when you plug in the charger the l.E.D goer red thatz all it doez. The second phone this is what happend my cuz accidently flashed a imate sp5 rom it went lyk 68% and it froze being az dum az he is pulled da usb out nw itz only function iz paper weight iz there a waz to fix it ive heard about jtag but no1 can tel me were the pointz for the jtag are so i can make a jtag cable it cost way to much at da local repair shop about R1800 datz about 150£ to fix datz cwazi tany dudez!

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