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Anyone moved from Amadeus (Dopod 585) to Graphites ?

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I'm currently a Dopod 585 user. Anyone moved from a 585 (or it Amadeus variants) to Graphite ? Can share your experience with me ?

In particular, I would like to compare:

- speakerphone volume

- speed

- battery life

For the 585, when I insert the headphone, I can't hear the phone ring unless I wear the earpiece (cause the volume it set to soft, otherwise, I'll go deaf wearing the earpiece when it rings). I wonder if the Graphite "de-links" the phone ring volume from the earpiece.

For the 585, when I receiving a call, many times, I cannot control the volume. It's stays at a fix volume despite seeing the "meter" move up/down. Graphite ?

For the 585, the speaker is really bad. Hardly can hear it in an open space. Can't use it for driving either. What about the graphite ?

For the 585, the camera is not very good in dark places. Graphite ?

How much memory is left after booting up ? Task Manager -> Menu -> System Info...

Total Memory

Storage Memory

Program Memory

What is your experience in moving from an Amadeus to Graphite ?

Thanks very much.

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