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Wi-fi on 3125?

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I just got a 3125 to replace my MPX 200 (loved that phone). Got it unlocked, got BT headset and am playing with it to learn the ropes for it.

Every review I've read said that it doesn't have wi-fi, however, the .pdf manual refers to it in a couple places, i.e: "When the GPRS and Wi-Fi connections are turned on at the same time,..." . When using my phone at work the network status shows 'E'. My MPX 200 used to a show a 'G' (definitely no BT or Wi-fi).

Sorry if this sounds dumb (not really a gadget geek), but I'm wondering if the phone is detecting the wireless point (Exchange Server). If so, can I use my phone for web access without being charged by my phone provider?



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I would like to know myself, I have a wireless internet setup at home. But with no wifi card, I thought it wasn't able to connect to the net at home except for the cellular connection.

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