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V1415 and TomTom Mobile 5

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The V1415 (S710 / VOX) is my first expereince of Smartphones; WM6; TomTom....

I've just bought TomTom Mobile 5 Benelux and transferred the maps to a new formatted 2gb Sandisk micro-sd card. I followed the instructions and loaded the card then switched on the phone. It went through it's "are you sure?" steps (which I OK'd) and I started TomTom from the Start menu. This is the result - V1415 and TT

The only reaction I can get is if I move the navigation pad or "back" arrow which provokes scrolling of the "noise".

Am I missing something fundamental e.g. does the phone need to be "Application uinlocked"?

Other info.:

I've a non-TT BT GPS (I know I have to install v5.0 and then update to v5.2 to recognise this - hopefully sometime soon!)

I've fully reformatted the micro-sd card in separate card readers and copied over the files afresh - but same "noise"

Many thanks,

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Hi. That background "noise" looks to me as if you need the latest v5 software, which is available free from TT website.

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