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Harley-Davidson Theme

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File Name: Harley-Davidson Theme

File Submitter: Gaines

File Submitted: 22 Jun 2007

File Category: QVGA Landscape ( Moto Q )

Harley Theme v1.1

by Gaines

I really liked some of the dark themes, but I like being able to see if I have any messages waiting or upcoming appointments at a glance. I also didn't want to have to scroll down to select a program to launch. Since I would be creating home screen, I decided the community needed a theme for all the Harley riders. I put the program launcher at the top so it would be the default selection for easy access. Next came message indicators so you can tell what type and how many messages are waiting. Below that is the Facade tabs which, by default, show upcoming appointments. The user can easily switch to tasks or the program launcher. Last is the profile plugin which allows the user to select what mode they want their phone in.


- Time/Date in top status bar to save space

- Program launcher has focus by default for easy access

- Missed Calls/Email/Text Messages/Multimedia Messages/Voicemail Counters

- Each counter can be activated to jump to the appropriate application

- Upcoming appointments in view by default

- Quick access to tasks and static program links

- Battery life displayed at all times (BLifePlugin)

- Dark theme for longer battery life and easier night visibility

- Harley-Davidson...need I say more?


- Facade

- BLifePlugin

- 4Orangeh.dll



- Added Batter Life Plugin (http://www.accosto.com/?page_id=5)

- Optimized images to save space

- Various cosmetic fixes

To Do:

- I've included other various screens such as startup and shutdown, but they dont' seem to work on my Sprint Q. Anyone know why?

- The highlight colors could use some tweaks so they stand out more.

Download the self-installing CAB (recommended)

Download the ZIP archive

Suggestions are appreciated and can be sent to gaines at kergosien d0t net.

This theme is DonationWare. If you like this theme and wish to support its further development send a donation to [email protected] via PayPal.

I've turned in my Q for a new Mogul. You can find me at SprintMogul.net

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