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Replacing Backgrounds: In-coming calls, start menu

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I recently started experimenting with creating homescreens. Actually, "creating" may be a bit of a stretch. I just made a few tweeks to the xml's of existing screens. It's a humble start, but it's enough to make me more ambitious.

I'd like to change the backgrounds of other screens too. In particular, the T-mobile incoming call and start menu backgrounds too.

I would appreciate any knowledge, anyone would be willing to share.


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I know there are a few files that you need to copy off the phone then replace with the new ones. The only file I have been able to change was /Windows/BackgroundImage_Land.bmp

It took me a while to get it to actually copy over because it doesnt like to overwrite those files but I eventually got that one to replace. I dont know how but I did. I also want to change the Callalert.png but I cannot get this file to overwrite. I was actually browsing this forum to see if anyone else had had this problem or knows how to get around it.

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